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Professional Property Managers Should give Renters a good Experience

Image is a woman on the phone sitting in a cafe.Providing excellent customer service is very important for property managers, but equally important is creating a good experience for the tenant when they receive service.  Moving from service-oriented to experience-based operations can seem daunting but it’s easier than it sounds.  Technology has a direct effect on the service – and experience – property managers deliver to their renters.  Going mobile is the most important and easiest step.

Entire generations have switched to a mobile lifestyle, and that includes most tenants as well. Property managers should look for ways to use mobile-friendly technologies.  This will benefit our current population that is always on the go.

Achieving a reliable mobile-first approach is easiest when property managers automate with these tactics:

  1. Online Maintenance Requests–Property managers can use online maintenance requests to keep their tenants satisfied, while expediting and prioritizing work orders at the same time.
  2. Online Rent Payments– In this day and age, tenants expect the convenience of being able to pay rent online.  It’s even possible to utilize online payment portals that allow renters to set-up automatic withdrawals. This greatly cuts down on the worry of late fees.
  3. Online Applications– Online applications can help property managers like Martin Feinberg lease vacant units more quickly while appealing to a mobile society.
  4. Automated SMS Messages–With automated SMS messages, property managers can keep tenants up to date on everything from scheduled maintenance to amenity upgrades and rent reminders.
  5. Embrace The Power Of Email – Providing excellent experiences for tenants will require property managers to communicate using the easiest means. For many people the platform of choice is email. Emails are time and cost effective and keep property managers and tenants in contact when it matters. 

Image is an illustration of a man multitasking.Professional property managers know that the key to providing excellent experiences to tenants starts with embracing mobile technology solutions.  Choosing the right property management software will allow property managers to utilize online maintenance requests, accept online rent payments, review online applications, create automated text messaging campaigns, and send out renter emails from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This will make things easier for both the tenant and the property manager, while delivering an amazing experience.