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Property Managers and Handling Professional Pest Control

Image is a mouse trap with a yellow piece of cheese on it.Professional property managers like Martin Feinberg face an endless number of challenges in their efforts to provide their tenants with a clean and safe environment while helping their rental property owners to maximize their real estate investments. One important responsibility that property managers have is handling pest control.

There are many different pest control companies out there for property managers to choose from. Figuring out which company to use or what services to pay for can be a tricky question.  Here are four things property managers should consider when dealing with unwanted pests in their rental units.

Know Your Enemy

Knowledge is the best weapon against unwanted pests.  Property managers should know which pest species are most common in their area and they should also know the best ways to keep those pests out of rental properties.

Once a property manager knows which pests they should be most concerned about, the next step is researching which pest control companies have the best record for dealing with them.  Property managers should research how each pest control company treats a particular pest. They should know how the company plans to safely treat safely while inside different building types. Property managers should be completely sure that a company could handle their specific problem before committing to them.

Check into Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is a specialized pest removal process that doesn’t just remove pestsIt uses knowledge, exclusionary measures, and reactive monitoring to treat current infestations while preventing future ones. 

Integrated pest management can be a more environmentally friendly, and effective way to handle pests than traditional approaches.  It provides long-term pest control that can save money and time down the road.

Cheapest is not Usually Best

Good property managers know how to work within a budget, and that’s true for pest control just like it is for everything else.  However, in most cases cheapest isn’t always best. When a pest control service is cheap, it might be because that’s the only way they have been able to create a name for themselves.   A cheap service becomes expensive if it’s needed over and over again.

Property managers need to find the perfect balance between affordability and quality work.  This will provide the best overall bang for the buck.

Choose a Company that can Answer Questions

Property managers should ask pest control companies about their techniques for specific vermin varieties. Don’t be afraid to call the companies being considered.  If they’re not willing to answer questions about their process, steer clear.

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