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Property Managers use Mobile Technology to Keep Tenants Happy

Image is a a woman at a desk with a lap top looking at her iPhone.More than 77 percent of the U.S. population owns a smartphone, and as people have become more dependent upon mobile technology rental property owners have also had to adapt.  Tenants and prospective tenants want mobile options for as many services as possible. Professional property managers like Martin Feinberg have the systems in place to make that possible.

Property Management Has Gone Mobile

Rental property owners need to use mobile-friendly technology to help them serve a population that is always on the go.  The easiest way to do that is to utilize a property manager with the ability to automate as much of the rental process as possible.  These are a few of the proven tactics:

  1. Online Maintenance Requests– Use online maintenance requests to keep renters happy, while expediting and prioritizing work orders at the same time.
  2. Online Rent Payments– Many renters appreciate the convenience of being able to make secure online rent payments. Plus, online payment portals that allow automatic withdrawals end late fee hassles.
  3. Online Applications– Mobile-friendly online applications, allow prospective tenants to become actual tenants much more quickly than paper forms.  Vacant units stay vacant for a shorter amount of time while appealing to mobile-friendly tenants.
  4. Automated SMS Messages– Rental property owners must recognize the importance of mobile-friendly communications. With automated SMS messages, property managers can keep renters up to date on everything from scheduled maintenance to amenity upgrades and rent reminders.
  5. Embrace The Power Of Email– Providing excellent services for renters requires rental owners to communicate on the platforms that they most often use. For many people the platform of choice is email.  Whether it’s using an automated feature or sending out bulk messages to renters, emails are a time and cost-effective way to communicate important messages.

Image is of a woman on a park bench looking at a smart phone.Technology improves renters’ satisfaction levels.  Most professional property managers use software that allows them to interact with tenants easily and quickly using mobile technology.  This makes things easier for tenants, cutting down on tenant turnover, while freeing up time and energy for property owners.  Understanding the mobile needs of renters today is a win-win for everyone.