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Property Tax Exemptions Available for Some Culver City Homeowners

Taxes are usually not an exciting topic, but as everyone who has had the privilege of dealing with Culver City Real Estate knows, they are inevitable. There is good news though for anyone who pays property taxes in Culver City—chances are they are paying more than they need to.

Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang wants everyone to know that all homeowners should apply for an exemption that can save them approximately $70 each year on their property taxes. That may not seem like a lot of money but it adds up. Over ten years it can equal the cost of a new water heater.

The exemption applies to all homes that serve as a primary residence and aren’t vacation or second homes. It allows for a $7,000 deduction from the home’s assessed value, lowering the homeowner’s tax bill. That is savings that Martin Feinberg, Realtor wants to make sure everyone is aware of. There are roughly 400,000 households that are missing out, which is especially concerning for low-income and fixed income homeowners.

Mr. Prang also warns homeowners to steer clear of any company or person who offers to file the exemption for a fee. There is no filing fee and no need to re-apply once qualified. Anyone who needs help or has questions should contact the county, as all employees are very willing to help homeowners with the process at no charge.

Just as Martin Feinberg Culver City Realtor is the best person to go to for real estate help, those who need help filing this exemption should contact the county assessor’s office directly by calling (213) 974-3211 or (888) 807-2111. The deadline to file is February 15th.