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Recycle Coach App Offers easy Access to Recycling Services Information

Image is of a white recycling can icon against a green backdrop.For those with a smartphone or tablet, the City of Culver City now offers a free downloadable app that gives residents instant access to waste, recycling, and organics services information. Even better, the information is tailored to the individual’s neighborhood and street address. Recycle Coach developed the app.

According to Culver City Mayor Jeffrey Cooper, “This is a new way for us to connect with residents about Culver City recycling programs. City staff will be able to update the information on the mobile and web app as necessary during the year, so it will always be current. Residents will never forget a collection day, and that should lead to increased recycling diversion rates. Everybody wins!”

The free app gives those living within the Culver City Real Estate area access to information that was previously only available via the City’s website or its printed collection schedule.

The app will make it easier for residents to find information about regular collection days, but Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, was especially impressed with how it would improve the ability to know of special collections. Events for household hazardous waste and e-waste days, for example, will no longer catch citizens by surprise.

Per the City’s website, “Special features of the Recycle Coach mobile and web app include a search function that lets residents quickly find information about what to do with a regular or out-of-the-ordinary item, plus there are tips for reducing and recycling waste in apartments and condominium buildings.”

For those still not sure if the new app is worth the effort, Martin Feinberg, Realtor, also noted that it includes a “Report-a-Problem” feature.

Image is of a hand holding a smartphone open to the App Store.“The Culver City Recycle Coach Mobile and Web App also includes a special “Report-a-Problem” function that enables residents to report non-emergency municipal problems like missed collections, illegal dumping, overflowing public garbage or recycling bins, potholes, burned out traffic or street lights and more. The Report-a-Problem feature connects the user to ACCESS Culver City. It uses the smartphone’s GPS positioning system and built in camera. All people have to do is select the Report-a-Problem function, take a picture, and the problem is automatically emailed to City staff.”

To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search “Recycle Coach.”