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Six Spring Maintenance Season Activities on Property Managers’ Radar

Image is a close up of a lawn mower in the spring cutting grass.Professional property managers understand that maintaining a property needs to happen throughout the year and not at any one given time. However, spring maintenance season exists for a reason.  Spring is an excellent time to taken care of problems caused by winter storms or repairs put off until warmer weather.

When property managers like Martin Feinberg focus on these six areas of interest each spring, they help ensure that each property they manage is in good order while keeping the renting experience pleasant and enjoyable for their tenants.


Gutters should be cleaned both before and after every wet season. Winter winds often cause debris to become trapped in clean gutters, which can cause leaks and expensive damage to both roofs and interiors.  Every downspout should also be inspected to ensure that there are no leaves and other debris causing water buildup.


Taking the time to do some annual springtime landscaping will help a property looks its best.  Tenants spend more time outdoors once the weather turns mild and property managers need to be sure there are no limbs or other debris that can cause accidents.  Shrubs and branches should be five to seven feet away from properties to keep them from conducting moisture and pests onto the roof or siding.


Spring is an excellent time to power wash grimy exteriors because such water usage could be irresponsible during the hotter dryer summer months.  This is also a great time to check for chipped or cracking paint. Exposed siding can lead to rot.


Spring maintenance season can also be an important time to ask tenants to look for any mold buildup caused by excessive winter moisture.   Rain can lead to puddles or dampness in basements or attics.   That in turn can increase the interior humidity and lead to mold. If mold develops, experienced property managers should hire a professional to address the situation as soon as possible.


Image is a water spigot against a spring background.The spring maintenance season is also a great time to increase curb appeal and add to tenants’ enjoyment by improving the landscape. Lawn aeration, over-seeding, fertilization, and pruning of shrubs or trees all need to happen during the spring.


Spring is also a great time to have heating systems inspected, serviced and cleaned, as this should happen at least once a year if possible. Winter can put extra stress on a heating system and proper maintenance can extend the life of a furnace, thus postponing an expensive replacement.  Property managers should provide extra furnace filters to tenants and remind them to change air filters regularly. Such inexpensive maintenance tasks can prevent major HVAC problems later.