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Sustainable Business Certification Program Begins in Culver City

Image is a lightbulb with a plant and sun ray inside meant to symbolize sustainability.Culver City began its new Sustainable Business Certification Program this month, which was developed using guidelines created by the California Green Business Network (CAGBN). The City’s next step will be to implement the program and work toward its sustainability goals within the Culver City Real Estate area. These kinds of initiatives are what make selling a home in Culver City so easy.

Culver City Mayor Jeffrey Cooper stated, “We are pleased that one dozen Culver City businesses took advantage of the opportunity to receive hands-on assistance to become more sustainable. The City believes this initiative will help them improve the health of their employees, customers, and the community.”

Sustainable Works and Balanced Approach, two local consulting organizations, developed and administered the customized Certification Program for Culver City businesses. The program currently focuses on the retail, office, and restaurant sectors. The goal of sustainable businesses is to employ practices and policies that reduce energy and water use, prevent pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and divert waste from landfills.

According to Shea Cunningham, Certification Program Lead Consultant and Executive Strategist of Balanced Approach, “Businesses that become more sustainable often reap significant benefits beyond reducing their environmental footprint, including reduced utility costs, increased sales, customer loyalty, improved employee retention, and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace by staying ahead of increasingly stringent environmental requirements.”

Businesses that meet the first level criteria of the Sustainable Business Certification Program become “Certified” while businesses that meet the second level criteria become a “Certified Innovator.”

Martin Feinberg, one of the best local real estate agents in Culver City, was excited to learn that seven businesses have become certified under the Sustainable Business Certification Program so far. These businesses are: Akasha, Hi-Lo Liquor Market, Röckenwagner Bakery Café, Fresh Paint Art Advisors, Novecento Pasta & Grill, Rush Street, and A la Carte Thai Bistro.

Other businesses have become “Certified Innovators.” These businesses include

Criteo, Appliances Plumbing Design, Technicolor Moving Picture Company, Sole Society, and Popsugar.

“Certified Innovators are businesses that are exemplary employers and demonstrate innovative practices in environmental conservation, community engagement and social responsibility. These certified sustainable businesses now proudly acknowledge their achievement and commitment to being sustainable by using the Certification Program logo and certification seal in their promotional and printed materials and on their website.”

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