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The Culver City School System

The Culver City school system is one of the best-kept secrets in Los Angeles. Independent as it’s own incorporated municipality, Culver City boasts its own small school district completely separate from LAUSD.  Recognized and ranked as some of the best institutions in the nation, it is no surprise that families looking to purchase property in the Los Angeles area buy their homes intentionally within Culver City limits, solely for this purpose.

Call me an old-fashioned Culver City Realtor, but some of my best childhood memories were walking to and from school everyday. Culver city, although vast and diverse in its urban stretch, whispers old-school nostalgia while children and teens stroll through the charming suburban neighborhoods. As I flash back to my youth, I consider myself lucky that my children had similar opportunities attending the Culver City school system. Not only were they able to complete k-12 and graduate, they were also able to experience what I like to call ‘that old-school charm’.

Here is a rundown of the Culver City School system:

Farragut Elementary School is situated right by Culver City Middle school, which also happens to be right beside Culver City High School. All five of the “top-ranked” elementary schools funnel into the 1 middle school, and 1 high school.  El Marino, one of the best language schools in the country, offers a curriculum with a Spanish and Japanese immersion program. La Ballona Elementary just added a Spanish immersion program as well.  It is no surprise that the entire Culver City School system is engaged as multicultural, tight-knit community.

See the breakdown and description of each school below.

Please note: as long as you live within Culver City perimeters these schools are accessible. I encourage you to visit all the campuses to get a true feel of each school individually. Each one is wonderfully different and unique in their own way.



1. Farragut Elementary

Farragut Elementary is a small but extraordinary school with a strong focus on mathematics, computer science and art. Nurturing and warm, yet academically challenging, Farragut encompasses a wonderful group of teachers, staff and parents who are tremendously involved in both the overall well being of the school as well as each individual student. With a first-class education, superior parental involvement and yearlong events that engage everyone, it is no doubt your child will make memories and friends here that will last a lifetime.

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2. La Ballona Elementary

La Ballona Elementary is a wonderfully supportive and enriching school that recently added a Spanish language program to its curriculum. Aside from their new principle, Jennifer Slabbinck, who is described as results-driven and revolutionary, La Ballona prides itself on it’s developmental programs with The Los Angeles Music Center (most CC schools offer this) as well as ball room dancing at the 5th grade level.

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3. El Rincon  

El Rincon is a charming school that continues, year after year, to advance. Recently, they hired a new principle, Reginald Brunson, and word on the street is that he is absolutely phenomenal. Boasting a fresh new paint job around the school’s campus and not to mention an impressive brand-new computer and science lab, El Rincon’s gorgeous and lush grounds proves its school to be filled with character and pride.

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4. El Marino Elementary

El Marino is an incredible language immersion school with a curriculum designed for students to master reading, writing, and speaking both in English and a second language: either Spanish or Japanese. With the opportunity to be fully surrounded by diversity, this school, which received the honor of the California Distinguished Schools award, exposes children to different cultures through the arts, dance, music or food. Enrollment for El Marino is done for Culver City Residents through the lottery process.

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5. Linwood Howe

Lin Howe is a precious jewel tucked away behind Culver City’s downtown area. The school is acknowledged for its diversity, nurturing spirit, as well as a growing student body that focuses strongly on environmentalism. Known for it’s very special kindergarten program and considered to be the “heart of the community,” Linwood is the ideal place for your little one to grow and prosper up and onwards into middle and high school.

Fun fact: the school was named after the beloved principle, Linwood Howe.

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