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West Basin Municipal Water District Offers free Rain Barrels to Residents

Image is a close up of a water droplet in a pond.On Saturday January 20, the West Basin Municipal Water District will be providing eligible Culver City residents with rain barrels that will enable the collection of rainwater.

According to the West Basin website, “Collecting rainwater and storing it in a rain barrel can help offset drinking water used for outdoor purposes. Using rainwater helps reduce the amount of pollution which flows into nearby storm drains, sewers and waterways and then eventually into the ocean. Rain barrels also contribute in making sure that local water supplies are being used more efficiently. West Basin provides eligible residents in the service area with an alternative way to use water resourcefully.”

Each rain barrel is approximately 24 inches wide and 40 inches tall and weighs about 16 pounds. They have a 55-gallon capacity. Each barrel includes a 2-3 foot long flexible downspout, water hose connector, overflow fitting, and built-in mosquito screen. West Basin rain barrels are constructed from recycled food barrels and may be available in black or terra cotta colors.

Those Culver City Real Estate area residents who are interested in receiving a rain barrel must meet the requirements and follow all guidelines listed below:

  • Must be a resident in West Basin’s service area.
  • Limit two (2) rain barrels per household, while supplies last. This may be reduced, based upon demand.
  • Rain Barrel must be installed within 30 days, and may be subject to verification and inspection by West Basin and/or the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.
  • Recipients must email photo(s) of installed rain barrel(s) within 30 days of receiving barrel(s). Email:
  • The rain barrel must be mounted in a way that allows it to receive water unimpeded from a rain gutter.
  • Should not block or restrict access to walkways or pathways.
  • Should be elevated six (6) inches off the ground with a cinder block or another solid foundation.
  • Should be secured in place with straps for safety.
  • Home must be equipped with rain gutters and downspout(s).

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, reminds interested citizens that registration is required to participate in this event. However, rain barrels are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and registration does not guarantee the reception of a rain barrel. For those wishing to purchase their own rain barrel or cistern, rebates are available from Metropolitan Water District.

Image is a rain barrel on stone courtyard.To register go to here and click on the Details button next to the January 20 rain barrel distribution event. Then hit the register button and fill out the appropriate information. Call (310) 371-4633 for more information.

The rain barrels will be handed out at West Los Angeles College, 9000 Overland Ave. in Culver City, from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Martin Feinberg, Realtor, encourages citizens to bring a vehicle that will be capable of transporting the rain barrel.